Globalindustries who want to break into the Chinese market base would be pondering why WeChat is successful in China.

Not only is WeChat China’s biggest and utmostleading social network by far, but it’s so critical to reaching possible clients and as a business payment process here that it may also be deemed anindispensable part of China business setup too. There are a few motives that can elaborate why WeChat is effective and aprogressivelyprevalent business tool for international corporations.

  1. WeChat is Continually Growing

While WeChat’s inventor may not be internationally famous, this local tech giant was already a main player in the Chinese social space with its widespread network – QQ.

Any guests to China would be well acquainted with QQ, and so WeChat’s inventor leveraged their immense user base of hundreds of millions of QQ users to transfer them across to WeChat, as all that was requiredthroughout the sign-up, was with a QQ account.

Contrastingto western apps, the local users’ current relationship with QQ made it simpler for WeChat to progress in frontof it competitors in China as it was easy to begin.

  1. WeChat is Corporate and trade Friendly

Distinct from Facebook, where business managers are practically required to pay to endorse their pages or content in order for them to be seen by supporters, WeChat allows companies to open an official account and gain supporters on the platform for free.

WeChat is not only useful for users but also allow businesses to tap it into its strong user base of around 700 million users, which is why we see it as an essential component of China company setup for international businesses.

  1. Numerous Convenient in-app Features

WeChat offers a vast multitude of useful operations, all within one app. It is now feasible to use WeChat to send a voice message to an acquaintance while paying for your shopping at the same time.

Liken this to Facebook, the world’s leading social network, and you can see why WeChat (although being Chinese in origin) has become so prevalent. Humbly put, WeChat is a multi-purpose app that provides both businesses and its user’s expediency by being able to complete a plethora of daily activities without the necessity of switching between apps.

  1. Employing WeChat Payment options

WeChat, unlike many of its contenders, can be linked to your bank accounts and credit cards. Through the WeChat Pay QR Code characteristic, users can pay for products and services just by opening up their WeChat wallet’s QR code on their phone screen, which will then be scanned by the store to verify payment from the associated account.

It is also interesting that users can transfer funds (usuallyfor free) between each other, which are convenient for circumstances such as splitting a bill. This has modernized payments in China, which is around five years in advance of western countries as contactless payments and new amenities such as Apply Pay are only just on the verge of becoming widespread this year. WeChat has already been doing it for years.

By employing the WeChat Pay QR Code aspect, customers may now use WeChat for in-store retail, online shopping, procuring of train tickets, paying for doctor appointments, and even resolving their rent and utility bills.

With a stable bank balance and a smartphone fitted out with WeChat, there is practically no reason to carry cash in China in this modern age. Paying through WeChat Pay QR Code typically draws no added fees.

What’s the Next Step?

If your business is interested in breaking into the Chinese market, getting familiar with WeChat is an absolute ‘must-do’ during the initial company set-up stages. Whether you are planning to use WeChat as a marketing medium or just making use of the WeChat Pay QR Code feature as a B2C payment method, the earlier you start integrating to WeChat, the earlier you and your business will get to reap the benefits of this effective business tool.

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