There have been many studies regarding the benefits that art and music can provide. Whether it’s dance, playing an instrument or being exposed to creative performances, such as magic, painting or puppeteers, when children have an opportunity to enjoy the arts, they’re better able to concentrate and learn. However, the arts can also open doors for children that they might never have had an opportunity to explore. Of course, for many parents, and school districts, being able to provide this type of exposure to the arts is just not possible.

Community Artists can Help

One way that children are able to enjoy the arts is with programs such as Sing for Hope. When local musicians, artisans, and performers come together and volunteer their time and talents, children can benefit in many ways. For example, children who are living in difficult circumstances will be able to escape from the hardships of life, if even for just a short time, when they are able to enjoy the arts. If you’ve ever found yourself floating away on a melody, you’ll understand how music can sweep you into an entirely different place.

Of course, there’s much more to exposing children to the arts than simply giving them a temporary escape. Music has been shown to help with decision making, language development, motor skills, cultural awareness, and improved academic success. Many people don’t realize all of the benefits that children gain from just being allowed to explore music, painting and other forms of art.

There seems to be a very clear link between music and academic success. In fact, multiple studies have linked the exposure to music, both being able to play music as well as being exposed to different music styles, to success in other areas of study, such as math and science.

How can a piano help?

Music education programs have shown that the correlation between music and future success is intrinsically tied together. This has been demonstrated in many underserved communities. Children in these communities often have lower language skills; however, the intricacies of music can help them blossom and grow. They not only improve their language skills, but they improve across all other academic areas as well. This can be an important step towards future success.

Piano Donation Impacts Many Individuals

Of course, as much as every parent or school teacher would like to have an instrument and music instruction for every child, it’s simply not possible; at least, not without a little help from the community. With outreach programs that bring together local musicians with schools, children are able to enjoy learning more about music while also taking part in piano instruction.

A great way to help schools get the pianos that they need is to request donations from the community. If you have a piano that you can donate, it can be used to help children explore and learn music. You can donate piano NYC, and take an important role in helping to give children the benefits of a music program.

When you are able to give the gift of a donated piano to an underserved school with children hungry for learning, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that your donation will be able to help children, year after year. A piano is definitely a gift that keeps on giving.