Approximately an additional year 2014 election is going to be held within Indonesia, for just one year particular people may hear this news the spectacular, from protruding investment which eventually the cash was taken through the organizers associated with investments because recently occurred (Golden Investors Indonesia Sharia including names MUI Chairman as well as House Loudspeaker Marzuki Alie, though refused by both) before robbery in order to store bodily gold, individuals who carry considerable amounts of cash, and the like. Whether chance or not really, the situation “raise funds” illegally usually coincide common election; technique also differ, but itstill appears robbery associated with public cash. Recorded within 2004 as well as 2009 elections you will find two questionable cases relating to the “robbery” financial institution money as well as involving people personally officers suspected of the particular politics party.

Greatest case, which continues to be being debated regarding Bank Hundred years society. 1999 elections tend to be colored along with counterfeit cash crimes which so far is not clearly exposed who the actual mastermind. Anxiety individuals events possess sparkeda robbery prior to the election a large question tag, what’s behind all of this? People will also be treated to a number of issues which always becomes to move to additional issues, which range from the police arrest of thugs in order to two additional events are thought a feature to divert a bigger issue, specifically robbery cash with huge value. All the actual allegations tend to be directed through the politicians along with different skills is looking for money to finance the campaign towards the seat associated with legislator.

Public anxiety about the proliferation of those crimes can result in a feeling of doubtfulness of police force officers, because this particular case is really very simple to solve however it looks to become difficult. It’s easy since the actual perpetrators from the crime is actually local and also the technology enables the perpetrators might be identified. However it becomes difficult once the evidence grabbed by cops and after that evaporated situation. That’s the reason why events happen to be used like a general selection trend through employers to become careful in conducting business. People tend to be stupid as well as greedy is definitely the target from the perpetrators who make the most of this scenario to spread the web a profitable investment, but the actual investment for a few days just vanish.