A UTV is a wonderful thing to have. They are fun, durable, and make it easy to get around in the great outdoors. If you have one of these vehicles, you have likely already figured out just how versatile they are. The sky is really the limit in terms of how you use a UTV, and they are also quite useful in carrying cargo of various sorts. As you look for new ways to use your own off road vehicle, consider the following three cool cargo ideas that will help you get even more enjoyment out of its operation.

Picnic Supplies

Take yourself and a few friends and head out in the woods for a great picnic lunch to while away those dog days of summer. When you hit the bumps that will be in your way, you want a secure place to hold your drinks and food so they don’t go flying out of the vehicle. There are some great coolers made for the cargo hold of your UTV. You can secure your food and drinks, and then head out as fast as you want to go secure in the knowledge that your picnic will be there waiting for you when you arrive.

Hunting Gear

Hunting is a great American pastime. You will naturally want to take a few guns for you and your buddies so that you will be ready when you arrive at your destination. The problem is that guns do not always carry well in the cab of the vehicle. You do, after all, need to sit somewhere yourself. Get a UTV gun rack and that problem is instantly solved. These will hold your guns and rifles securely in place so that they will remain on top of the vehicle when you hit those dips and bumps at 30 miles an hour.

Towing Equipment

You never know when the occasion to tow something will arise. Part of sharing the outdoors with everyone else is being prepared to help one another out on a moment’s notice. You do not necessarily need to keep all that towing equipment sitting on the seat next to you. Carve out a place in your cargo hold to put a winch, some rope, and various other pieces of towing equipment that could come in handy. Your UTVwill always be ready.

These are just three of the many cargo related ideas that can give you more use out of your UTV. It is not just a recreational vehicle to go off roading with. There are literally countless different ways to get out and enjoy your UTV in some useful and productive endeavors. Enjoy and stay safe!