Choosing the right lawyer for personal injury law

Injury is a complex and evolving subject of law that requires confronting powerful and organized insurance companies.

You must be assisted by a lawyer specializing in personal injury such as Paul Napoli, the only specialty recognized by the profession (the National Bar Council), the so-called specialties in ”  victims  ‘ rights “, ”  accident law  “, ” road law ” )

Check that your lawyer has this recognized specialty, because few are the holders.

Moreover your specialist lawyer must, as a lawyer of victims, be independent of the insurance companies, devoting himself exclusively to the defense of the victims of accidents in the Var, but also in Nice, Aix-en-Provence or still Marseille.

You will benefit from its expertise and the best compensation.

The best compensation after a car accident

Whatever the case of compensation, only a specialist lawyer will allow you to obtain the best compensation.

Some people do not hesitate to approach the victims of car accidents in particular, as “insurance expert  ” or ”  expert of insured  “, while they are not a lawyer, which prohibits them from to personally follow the case before a Tribunal, and may encourage them to stay on friendly ground to the detriment of the interests of the victims.

Compensation first requires that your damage has been evaluated by an independent Expert Physician whose Specialist Lawyer will request the appointment before the Tribunal if the seriousness of your injury orders.

Your prejudice, in all its forms, will be examined by the Expert: suffering endured, prejudice of approval (sporting prejudice), sexual prejudice, aesthetic prejudice, temporary functional deficit (loss of quality of life and disorders felt in his personal, family and social conditions of existence), permanent functional deficit, help in third person.